st lukes vision poster

During 2015, we have taken time out to imagine St Luke's in five years' time - we asked ourselves what we wanted to be like in 2020. Through this time of reflection, we have discerned the following six objectives, which we believe will develop the life of our community and shape us to follow Christ together in Mt Albert.
these priority areas we have explored practical steps that will take us towards our objectives. We trust that further initiatives will emerge as we engage in this journey together. But we are starting where we are now. We commend the life of our community in Christ to your prayers and look forward to discovering how God will shape us together over the next five years.
We invite you to prayerfully reflect on this material and consider where you feel most inspired to participate and lend your time, energies and skills.

Sharing the love of Christ is a task for all of us. Each of us has a faith that sustains us and guides us in our lives and workplaces. How can the community of St Luke's support and resource you as you live out your faith? How can we all learn to share the story of our faith with those around us? How do our worship and our prayer shape us for mission?
In reflecting on the objectives, you will see that there are many areas of overlap, and many things that are starting to happen already. We are starting to plant seeds for new ways of doing things. But we don't have it all worked out.
This is a collective process that we hope will involve and energise our whole community.

We invite you to pray about what excites and interests you amongst the hopes expressed in our objectives, and think about how you could help give concrete shape to that hope. We look forward to sharing more together as we move into 2016.
At this time of year, in the weeks before Christmas, we use the name 'Emmanuel' a great deal. It means 'God with us.' And God is with us at St Luke's - God is alive in our worship, our prayers, and our caring for one another and those with whom we share our lives.

On behalf of your Parish Council, I commend this Vision to your prayers and your conversations as we begin a new year together.

With love in Christ,
Clare Barrie, Vicar
First Sunday in Advent 2015

Radical Welcome

To build the skills and awareness necessary to become a genuinely diverse community that welcomes all.

+ Continue advocacy for inclusion of sexual and gender minorities; support for Rainbow Youth; lobbying for change in wider church.
+ Renew how we as a community welcome and engage with new people/visitors.
+ Create opportunities to practise deep, undefended listening to others.

Forming Disciples

To resource in each member a deep ownership of faith; an ability to recognise and speak about our personal journey and about the gospel.

+ Reframe education as formation, focusing on prayer and spiritual practice.
+ Develop Yippee/Thomas Group/SLAYA; explore new children/families leadership.
+ Encourage focus on spiritual formation in all small groups.
+ Develop our practice of testimony.
+ Initiate Pilgrim nurture/enquiry group.

Eucharistic Community

To develop our practice of the Eucharist in a way that forms us for mission and living.

+ Redeveloping our liturgical space to remove the division between audience and stage, increase participation, and form us as a mission community.
Strengthening the liturgical/ worship development team.
Pursue embodiment/space/silence/simplicity as liturgical values.

Mind the Gap

To reach out to the generations who are missing from our church.

+ Regular group for 30-50s ('2nd Quarter').
+ Develop a range of non-eucharistic services and events designed to connect with young adults.
+ Support our young adults in discovering how to live out their faith as an intentional pilgrimage.

Faith Portals

To develop new and varied ways of resourcing spiritual desire and growth beyond the existing church community.

+ Develop website and Facebook page towards resourcing Christian life and practice.
+ Alternative services (contemplative/interactive), including using public spaces.
+ Supporting the paradigm shift from 'we go to church' to 'we are the church'.
+ Opportunities for healing/reconciliation/ community-building beyond the threshold of the church (e.g. community garden).
+ Building on occasional pastoral liturgies (e.g. baptisms, funerals, house blessings and child thanksgivings) to deepen connections with those beyond the church.

Partnering in Service

To encourage St Lukans to be more involved in our partnership projects.

+ Connecting the gifts and interests of St Lukans to the projects and ministries we are committed to as a parish.
+ Using the Church to support/host a wide range of creative community-facing activities (e.g. concerts, exhibitions).

Physical Presence

To maintain/develop our existing plant and finances to align with our wider vision.