Worship at St Luke’s

We gather in worship to be shaped by encountering God, and then are sent out into the world.

Our Services

Come in, and rest a while – let God’s love enfold you.

Worship draws us into the mystery of God’s love, and forms us for all that we do in life. We have a range of regular weekly services, as well as special celebrations at sacred moments in the year, such as Christmas and Easter. A sermon is offered at both our Sunday morning services and a short reflection on Wednesdays. Our monthly contemplative service offers spaces for silent meditation.

Sunday 9:30am Community Eucharist

Sunday 9am Community Eucharist

Our main weekly service, this is a contemporary expression of the Anglican liturgical tradition.

The service involves prayers, readings, a sermon, and communion, with personal prayer and anointing if anyone wishes. Our children stay with us throughout the service and are supported and involved in our liturgy in various ways, because we want them to understand that church is their place too. We enjoy sermons that are thoughtful, challenging, and relevant to our daily lives as Christians in the contemporary world.

Coffee and tea are shared after the service as a natural extension of our gathering. This is an opportunity to catch up with one another as well as meet new people.

Sunday 8am Eucharist

Sunday 11am Morning Prayer 

A simple service of Morning Prayer held via zoom – contact the Vicar to join the email list for weekly links.

Wednesday 11am Midweek Eucharist

Wednesday 11am Midweek Eucharist

Like many Anglican communities, we have a small but happily committed group who gather for a midweek service. This is a lovely service, with moments of both reflective silence and laughter.

Those able to stay share morning tea following the service.

Breathing Space – Monthly Contemplative Eucharist

Breathing Space – Monthly Contemplative Eucharist

Held at 7:30pm on the first Sunday of the month, this is a deeply reflective and spacious experience of the eucharist, in which we take time to rest in God’s presence.

The liturgy is quite simple and people are invited to participate as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. There are some times of contemplative prayer, in the mode of guided silent meditation. We have a cup of tea afterwards for those who are keen to stay.

Please contact Clare if you’d like to be added to the monthly mailing list for a reminder.

Sunday Sermons

Here is your God! (Advent 3A)

So as our Advent journey continues, I pray that each of us can let the questions of John the Baptist settle into our hearts, and prepare there a space for pondering our own lives, our deep assumptions about those Christ would have us welcome, and our need for the healing of our own blindness and deafness to those who are not like ourselves.

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Be transformed! (Advent 2A)

Advent means learning to see the world differently, learning to see it as the prophets did – to pray for and believe in God coming among us and acting among us and through us in a new way. Advent is a time when each of us can learn something about being prophetic people.

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The love that overflows (Proper 25C)

Over and over again, in scripture, we see Jesus seeking out the broken, the lost, those written off by religious law, those who are powerless, those who somehow, by some measure, aren’t good enough. This is how grace works, and this is the heart of the gospels – the overflowing, abundant love of God.

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The earth is waste and void… (Proper 19C)

It is the ultimate breakdown of the covenant promise, forgetting the deep relatedness and interdependence of all humanity and all creation with each other and to the divine… living instead out of a practical worship of the self as the sole reference point of for one’s existence.

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St Francis of Assisi (1226)

Can we learn to see creation – all created things – as our brother and our sister, now desperately in need of healing and care? Can we learn to understand ourselves as part of a great, living, interrelated whole? Can we fall in love with God’s creation, as Francis did, and treasure it?

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St Michael & All Angels (Michaelmas)

The life of faith is not so much a matter of each of us getting into heaven after we die as it is about living fully and completely in response to the one who is the source of life itself.

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Creation Our Sister (Proper 18C)

It is beyond time that we learnt to give our sister, our mother, the place of honour so that we can all have a place at God’s banquet – the abundance of life in all of creation.

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We the baptised… (Proper 15C)

“I’ve come to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! I have a baptism with which to be baptised, and what stress I’m under until it is completed…”

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Stay awake! (Proper 14C)

I don’t know if you have that problem of being caught by those marketing or survey phone calls where the phone rings right around dinner time. With younger kids and rushing to get dinner ready, I confess I’m not very Christian towards the marketers in particular [nope, this is a terrible time – click!].

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Christ walks our streets too (Social Services)

Thank you for the warmth of your welcome this morning – it’s good to be here again with you, our friends and neighbours. As Anglicans and Methodists we have much in common, and it feels deeply joyful to be together in worship and in shared hospitality.

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Our old friends, Mary and Martha (Proper 11C)

We’re encountering two old friends this week – the sisters, Mary and Martha. We know them well. We’ve visited their home many times over the years, and pondered the complexities of Martha’s hospitality and Mary’s listening heart, dwelling in the loving regard of Jesus.

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